How To Stay Safe In Winter Driving- Safety Tips

Safely winter driving

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Every season is blessed as being different. And while the winter season is a wonderful time of year, it’s not all fun and games when you’re a driver.

Yes, you heard that right, winter driving should never be underestimated. And neither should it ever be reserved for the inexperienced. On average, most motorway auto accidents occur during winter time. And with the holiday season to look forward to, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Severe winter weather conditions can be frightening as well as dangerous. From winter storms to severe hail and snow falling too, there are so many drivers need to be mindful of when on the roads.

For your utmost convenience, we’ve gathered some fabulous safety tips and tricks that can aid you when dealing with road emergencies. Remember snowy and icy conditions can prove to be more drastic than they seem so it’s important to take precaution the professional way.

Driving tips for the cold weather

In general, it always helps to take precaution when the weather temperature falls below average. Drivers are urged to practice the following driving tips to prevent auto accidents from taking place in the first instance.

  • Keep a check on your tires. Ensure that they are properly inflated with plenty of treads too.
  • Avoid warming up your vehicle in closed areas. Most vehicles take a while to start up in cold weather. And when that’s the case, closed areas like garage spaces must be avoided to avoid mishaps from taking place.
  • Ensure at least half of your tank is full of fuel. Cold weather means gas stations are going to be closed too. So avoid standstill situations by making sure your vehicle is fully equipped with plenty of fuel.
  • Have precautionary cold weather vehicle gear ready in your car. Be it food and water, flashlights, medications or warm blankets, having a ready supply of winter supplies can always come in handy.

Driving precautions in snowy weather

  1. Don’t drive unless you have to. Yes, delaying your trip by staying home in adverse cold weather can prove to be the best decision you’ve ever made.
  2. Keep it slow and steady on the road. Remember, drastic weather conditions such as snow or ice can lead to your vehicle getting out of control.
  3. Remember to accelerate and also decelerate your vehicle in a controlled manner. Never make your car rush in a hurry. Remember to stop at traffic signals too.
  4. Know when you should be applying your brakes. Keep the heel portion of your foot steady on the floor while using the ball region to steadily apply pressure.

How to tackle long distance winter road trips the right way

  1. Be prepared from the start. Have your car inspected by a professional and then make any plans for hitting the road.
  2. Be visible to passerby or onlookers. Tie a colorful piece of cloth on your vehicle’s antenna and be noticed.
  3. Clean up that exhaust pipe. Be it mud, ice or snow- blocked pipes are never a good sign for a long road trip.

Never exert yourself by going overboard. When it comes to digging out your car, know when to stop. Observe your body for signals that tell you to quit or take a break.

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