Speed Kills – Car Insurance Can’t Save Your Life

Speed Kills - Car Insurance Cant Save your life

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Dangers of over speeding:

Got up late in the morning, gobbled down the cold croissant kept in the fridge overnight and threw yourself into the driving seat of the car while you hit the road with an extremely high level of speed. Luckily you reach the office in time for a very important meeting and hence the day is saved! But one cannot be lucky every time. Better be late than never, as they say. Indeed, speed kills and car insurance can’t save your life.

Undoubtedly, the hazards of over speeding are much greater than its benefits. It might look fun and exciting but accidents are never predicted. They occur without intimation. Excessive speeding has been one of the biggest factors of causing an accident in the US. By over speeding you do not only put your own life in danger but also cause a lot of pain and worry for your loved ones. Moreover, you pose a threat to the life and property of other people on the road. For this very reason for the safety of all, there is a heavy speeding ticket being charged to those who violate speed regulations.

The ticket ranges from $150 to $1000. If you violate speed regulations by a very high margin, the ticket shall be of a higher amount. Whereas if you surpass the speed allowed marginally the charge shall be lower. But it is very important to charge over speeding so that people do not repeat this offense. In some states in the US, there is a bad driver penalty amounting to a few hundred dollars as well as some extra points on the license. If you violate speed limits quite often you might even lose your license altogether. Your license may be suspended and renewing it might be a great challenge.

The need for car insurance coverage:

Car insurance coverage is extremely important in today’s world where accidents are on the rise. With newer and faster running cars, the probability of accidents also rises. So much of development with regard to infrastructure, traveling from one city to the other has also risen increasing the chances of accidents. This is the reason why car insurance coverage is mandatory in most of the states in the US including Texas. You cannot drive in Texas unless you get your car insured.

Car insurance for high risk drivers:

Those who frequently violate speed regulations and have badly tinted their licenses are termed as high-risk drivers. These are the people who have had a number of accidents to their names and consequently have filed a higher number of claims. These people are considered as risky to insure from an insurance company’s perspective. It is because they have a greater tendency to get into an accident and file a claim. Hence, the companies term them as “high risk drivers”.

High-risk drivers are generally avoided by insurance companies. However, those who do insure them charge a very high rate. They are usually given insurance on the basis of certain conditions and terms to follow. For example, there may be some restrictions on who can drive the car or the company might put a condition of reviewing the person’s driving record more often. The company might even refuse to cover the person in case of punitive damages.

Insurance companies also consider the driving history of the person and gauge for how long the person has been a risky driver. Some companies also give incentives for an improved driving record. So the harsh terms and conditions might get lenient with time if you stop violating speed rules and become a more careful driver.

Drive safely for the best interest of everyone:

Even if you have car insurance coverage, nothing can guarantee the safety of your life if you do excessive speeding. The faster the vehicle runs, the more difficult it gets to stop in case of an emergency leading to fatal accidents. So it is best to follow the traffic rules and regulations, especially the speed limits.

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