Reasonable Car Insurance in Texas

Reasonable Car Insurance in Texas

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With accidents and reckless driving on the rise, being protected via insurance has become a necessity in the state of Texas. It is therefore no surprise that auto insurance is mandatory for all Texas based citizens, so much so to the extent that every legal driver must possess proof of their coverage. As days go by, the rise in prices of insurance policies has led many citizens to think twice before being covered.

To help solve your problems, we will take an in depth look at how you can get reasonable car insurance while residing in Texas.

Texas Auto Insurance

Yes all Texas citizens are required to have an car insurance policy. However, it’s actually not that bad when it comes to pricing. The rule of thumb to remember is that you need to abide by the rules of the law and work towards keeping your costs low. You can only expect to get a good insurance policy deal if your driving history is clean and all state laws are obeyed.

The cheapest auto insurance quotes in the state of Texas

As many of you may be familiar with, Texas is a large state with a number of different cities. To make life easier, we’ve enlisted the cheapest quotes regarding auto insurance policy companies in major cities such as Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth and El Paso.

  1. Houston Auto Insurance- This is Texas’s largest city and the 4th largest city in the USA. Rates tend to range at about $1900 for single car drivers and $1700 for married drivers.
  2. Austin Auto Insurance- This city is the capital of Texas and houses the infamous University of Texas. Rates for auto insurance range at about $1600 for single car drivers and $1500 for married drivers.
  3. Dallas Auto Insurance Dallas is a city known for its commercial district. Rates for auto insurance range at about $1900 for single car drivers and $1700 for married drivers.
  4. San Antonio Auto Insurance Labeled as the 7th most populated city of the nation, San Antonio is known for its military installations. The rates for auto insurance range at about $1700 for single car drivers and $1500 for married car drivers.
  5. Fort Worth Auto Insurance- This city has several tourist attractions and is home to a number of schools and colleges such as TCU and School of Law for Texas A&M. The auto insurance rate for single car drivers is about $1600 and for married drivers is $1500.
  6. El Paso Auto Insurance The sun shines in El Paso for about 300 days or more, giving it the nickname of Sun City. It houses a number of military housing schemes and installations. The auto insurance rates for single car drivers are about $1600 and for married car drivers is about $1500.

 Interesting facts related to Reasonable Car insurance in Texas

Interesting facts related to auto insurance in Texas

The state of Texas has made it a legal law to have insurance coverage of all drivers. This includes coverage worth $30,000 for one person, $25,000 for property damage and $60,000 per injured person.

  • If proof of auto insurance coverage is not shown when stated by the law, a fine ranging from $175 to $350 must be paid.
  • Insurance fraud if suspected and proved by the court of law can result in prison sentence with fine of $50,000.
  • Certain unique driving laws are implemented in the state of Texas. This includes performing U-turns or driving a vehicle on Broadway before 12:pm on Sundays.
    As can be witnessed from the facts above, the state of Texas provides great emphasis on abiding laws regarding auto insurance. To help keep costs at an all time low, citizens are encouraged to look for the most competitive quotes in the city of Texas they reside in.


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