Reasons Why You Should Never Drive Without Car Insurance

Never Drive Without Car Insurance

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Car insurance:

Car insurance in Texas is a must. You cannot drive in Texas if you do not have car insurance. The government has made a minimum level of car insurance that every vehicle owner must have. However, this is usually insufficient if you are to fully benefit from the car insurance policy. Here are some of the reasons why you should never drive without car insurance in Texas.

Compliance with the state law:

First and foremost, you should obviously never drive without car insurance because it is mandated by the Texas law. Failure to do so can get you into legal trouble. Nobody wants such kind of trouble so get your vehicle insured if you are to drive in Texas. As per law, there is a minimum level of car insurance in Texas that must be covered. For example, with regard to bodily injury liability. The minimum level of insurance you must get is $30,000 per person and $60,000 for the whole accident.

Vehicle protection:

Car insurance is very important because it protects your most prized possession, your hard earned car against damages caused to it during an unforeseen incident. Car repairs can be very expensive. Sometimes even the spare parts are not available right away. Car insurance saves you from all such hassle and protects your vehicle satisfactorily.

Passenger Protection:

Car insurance in Texas like in many other states in the US is mandatory primarily because it helps you protect your beloveds and yourself if in case you are driving in the occurrence of an accident. There are many costs associated with an accident such as a medical checkup, laboratory tests and physiotherapy. In the case of hospitalization, the costs can go up beyond your calculations. So car insurance comes to your rescue in such cases.

Compliance with lease agreement:

Sometimes you cannot drive without car insurance in Texas simply because it is part of the lease agreement you have with the leasing company. Given the benefits of car insurance, most of the leasing companies make it mandatory so that they do not bear the risk associated with not having car insurance.

Other party protection:

Car insurance in Texas is important because it ensures the safety of all. It could be the case that an accident happens due to your fault in which the other person is injured. Or consider a situation in which you are running late for office and while taking out your car for work you bumped into your neighbor’s nicely parked car or crashed into their fence. Unfortunately, if your neighbor is a grumpy one he might even drag you to the court if you bumped into his newly bought luxurious sports car. Here comes car insurance to your rescue. You or your neighbor need not worry as all the expenses shall be taken care of.

Safety blanket in case of unforeseen:

Most likely you might not always have an amount set aside for expenses arising from accidents. Even if you have it for your own self, nobody would be willing to pay for the expenses for the other party arising from an accident. So car insurance in Texas is mandatory because it provides a safety blanket. You do not have to worry about the finances if you have your car insured.


It might appear as a luxury to pay for car insurance, but if you look at the risk associated with not having a car insured, you will understand why car insurance in Texas like many other US states is necessary. Not just you protect yourself, but car insurance is for the collective good of the society as everyone is protected against the damages and expenses arising from the accidents.

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