How Insurance Companies Handle Car Accident Claims

How Insurance Companies Handle Car Accident Claims

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Insurance Companies

You need to know how insurance companies handle car accident claims The motive of having car insurance is to be protected against damages in case of occurrence of an accident. Therefore, how car insurance companies handle car accident claims must be known to you so that you are prompt in your actions with regard to adjustment of the claim.

Gather Information

First and foremost, all the information pertaining to the accident should be collected by you. Time and location of the accident, other driver’s name, car details, names of other passengers are all included in this. The provision of pictures of damage would be an added advantage.

Contact your insurance carrier

Contact Your Insurance Carrier

Next, your car insurance company must be immediately contacted. Your insurance id number and details regarding the accident would be asked for. A claim adjuster would be assigned to your case. From here on it would be up to the company to handle the car accident claim.

Claim Process

Your auto insurance policy would be reviewed to ensure that you are entitled to the claim. You might be contacted by the adjuster to provide details regarding the accident.

Medical Procedure

All your medical bills pertaining to injuries sustained during the accident shall be covered by the company. Laboratory tests, hospitalization, medicines, and physiotherapy are all included in this. Evidence of medical bills would be required by the claim adjuster to confirm the authenticity.

Vehicle Repair

If the repair has to be made to your car the adjuster would ensure that it is done. This can be done through several options. A repair shop of your choice can be mentioned to the car insurance San Antonio. The repair could also be done through a company-approved repair shop.

Review Of Information Given

A rigorous review of the information provided shall be carried out by the claim adjuster. Information with respect to the accident, your policy number, other party’s insurance company, and details of the police report (if made) are included in this. The amount of damage to the vehicle or property shall also be checked during the investigation process.

Investigation Of Fault

Based on the procedure of information review, it is determined that who was at fault during the accident. Mostly it is a percentage, for example, you were 30% at fault while the other driver was at 70% at fault. So 30% of the settlement shall be paid by your insurance company while 70% would be paid by the other party’s insurance company. In some cases, the settlement is due to the party who is majorly at fault. So it depends entirely on the case.

In The Case Of Claim Dispute

If you are not satisfied with the way the case was handled, some companies offer options to resolve case disputes. Your case may be forwarded to the supervisor of the claim adjuster. If that does not work out, you may hire an attorney to settle the dispute.

So this is how car insurance companies handle car accident claims.

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