How To File Car Insurance Claim?

File Car Insurance Claim

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Getting into an accident is probably the most miserable situation you can go through. Physical suffering, financial distress and above all the trauma of an accident can all be very difficult to handle. All the expensive premiums you have been paying all your life basically materialize when you get into such a situation.  So, here is a guide as to how to file a car insurance claim.

Be Alert In Situation Of An Accident:

It is always good to be prepared for such unforeseen situations beforehand. That is, keeping all the necessary documents in your car all the time such as registration papers, insurance papers, the contact information of your leasing agent and other relevant documents can help speed up your car insurance claim procedure.

Assess The Situation:

First of all, get your car emergency read with the help of orange cones or emergency signage. If possible, get your car to the side of the road. Then assess yourself and other passengers in the car. If anybody is injured, call 911 immediately. Then assess the damage to the car. Get pictures of the car if possible. Gather as much relevant information as possible. This includes license information, insurance information, car registration and the details of the car(s) involved in the accident.

File The Accident Report:

Once you have done all the preliminary work, report the accident to the nearest police station. Thanks to advancement in technology you can do that online as well.

Contact With Your Insurance Handler:

Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible irrespective of whether it was your fault or not. They will send you their representative who will take you forth from there to settle your claim and take you out of that emergency situation. They will take care of your transportation needs if your car is not drivable.

Initiate Your Claim Process Through Mobile App:

Mobile apps have made things a lot easier now. Very conveniently, you can file your claim. It also allows for other important features such as uploading photos of the accident scene, checking the amount of deductible, getting a rental car or even requesting reimbursement for towing of the car. you can also check the status of your claim through this app.

Get Your Documents Ready That Are Required For Your Car Insurance Claim:

Your claim specialist will require all sorts of information to process your claim. This includes proof of claim form and a copy of the report given to the police with regard to the accident. The claim handler will review the situation of your car and personal injuries if any to evaluate the claim. If your car requires repair, they will decide on this matter with your consent and make the necessary arrangements.

Develop Consensus On Car Insurance Claim Settlement Timing:

Sometimes there are critical deadlines regarding filing a car insurance claim. If you are unaware of these deadlines your claim settlement procedure can be impacted negatively. So feel free to enquire about these deadlines. For instance, ask the company if there is a deadline with regard to submitting information related to the accident such as bills. If you are having a problem in claim settlement and tend to enter into a dispute with your claim handler you need to know if there is a deadline with respect to resolving claim dispute. Another very important deadline that you need to know is when you should expect the company to contact you.

Look For Further Clarity In The Procedure:

If you have any ambiguity in your mind regarding the car insurance claim settlement procedure, feel free to ask your claim specialist until everything is absolutely clear to you. Your claim handler might need information at any stage. You must be ready to provide him with all the necessary documents as and when he requests. This will help you speed up your car insurance claim procedure.

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