Automobile Insurance Quotes And Their Importance

Automobile insurance is mandatory in most of the states in the US and rightly so. Accidents cannot be predicted. Their repercussions, however, are very much predictable. Paying insurance premiums might seem like a dent in your pocket. However, those who have experienced a severe accident in life in which having automobile insurance reduced the losses... Continue reading

Home Insurance Guide For First Time Buyers

Home insurance is absolutely necessary for today’s age. It protects your home and belongings against damages and theft. Its importance can be judged by the fact that most of the mortgage companies make it compulsory to have home insurance as per the fair value of the estate. You need to show proof of insurance in... Continue reading

How Much Does Insurance Payout For A Totaled Car?

Sometimes when people get into a much serious accident. There are chances that their car gets damaged totally. Upon inspection, it may be realized that there is no point in trying to repair the car given its condition. If the car is brand new it might still be worth repairing. Usually, the second hand and... Continue reading

Speed Kills – Car Insurance Can’t Save Your Life

Dangers of over speeding: Got up late in the morning, gobbled down the cold croissant kept in the fridge overnight and threw yourself into the driving seat of the car while you hit the road with an extremely high level of speed. Luckily you reach the office in time for a very important meeting and... Continue reading

7 Factors That Will Drive Up Your Car Insurance Rate

Car insurance: How would you feel if somebody crashes against your latest model German car? How would you go about the car’s repair expenses? Would the parts be easily available or would you have to import them? These are some examples of inevitable monetary costs. However, the amount of stress and dismay you would go... Continue reading

Top 5 Disadvantages of Having an Uninsured Vehicle

It’s amazing how much the human mind still ponders over some of the most basic requirements and thoughts. Auto insurance is just one example of this very notion. Having an uninsured vehicle in today’s day and age can be gruesome to say the least. And with inflation continuing to rise as we speak, you’re probably... Continue reading