While My Car Is In The Repair Shop, Does Insurance Company Pay Rental?

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Being involved in an auto accident that occurred due to your negligence means that your auto insurance is bound to step in and pay for the damage that was caused during the collision.

At the same time, your auto insurance company will step in and pay for any necessary damage that occurred to your car including all the necessary repairs.

But after an accident has taken place, there are a number of other factors that need to be considered such as the practical aspect related to being left out without having a vehicle to drive. In most circumstances, you’re bound to rent out a car on a temporary basis till your vehicle doesn’t get fixed.

And in this comes the big question of who will pay for the rental while your car is in the repair shop? To help you understand this process, we’ve outlined everything you need to know below.

Who Is Responsible For Covering Your Rental Vehicles?

Being involved in an accident that leaves you bound to zero means of transport while your damaged vehicle is getting repaired at the mechanic is a daunting situation to consider.

With that being said, there are a number of auto insurance policy companies that offer their users with car rentals, making the getting around town process a much simpler and convenient one.

With that being said, this is not always the case. It definitely depends on the nature and type of coverage you’re involved with. And this is usually outlined in fine print means of the policy plan.

If you happen to be uncertain, one of the best ways of going about the situation is searching through your policy and combing intricately through it in an effort to find a mention of your rental car.

Should You Get A Rental Vehicle Included In Your Auto Insurance Policy Plan?

Keeping that aside, another common question individuals ask is whether or not you should consider getting a rental vehicle included. But again, who will end up paying for the vehicle as a whole is another thing worth careful consideration. After all, car rentals don’t always come cheap.

The answer to this question is fairly simple. Auto insurance policy plans clearly state whether or not they plan to pay for rental or not from the start.

Getting car rentals included in your coverage should depend on the type of circumstances you’re currently in, the cost related to the hired vehicle, and the sort of features that come with your hired vehicle.

Always look at sites that compare quotes, before opting to choose your final auto insurance coverage. See how the quotes compare before and after having car rentals included.

If you can afford rentals then great but if you’ve already had two vehicles sitting at home, opting to get that clause included is probably not such a great idea after all.

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