What are The Causes of Auto Accidents?

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When it comes to causes of auto accident, the United States of America sees around 6 million of them every year. And if you were to do the right calculations, it sums up to around 15000 of them each day.

Not only that but auto accidents come with fatalities that may lead to about 100 deaths on average, per day. The figures are startling and are sure to give any driving US citizen a worthy reality check.

Top Causes of Auto Accident

So what are the major reasons for auto accidents in general? To help you find out and find a possible solution to this menace, we’ve listed the top causes of Auto accidents. Let’s take a look.

  1. Driving distractedly

Talking to someone on the phone or arguing with a loved one in a car, the causes of driving distractedly are unlimited. Shifting your focus on anything but driving can cause you to befall into a serious auto accident.

  1. Over speeding

This cause cant’ be overemphasized enough. Over speeding on the streets is a major reason for losing control of your vehicle.

  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol

Drunk driving makes one unaware of its surroundings, leading to fatal accidents and even death.

  1. Driving carelessly

Reckless driving has been a leading cause for auto accidents and we can totally relate as to why. It not only puts the driver at risk but other passengers too.

  1. Breaking the traffic signal

Traffic rules have been created for a purpose and they must be obeyed. Failing to obey traffic signals is a leading cause of auto accidents that prove to be fatal.

  1. Driving in poor weather conditions such as rain

Rain tends to make the roads slippery and in turn affects the driver’s vision and clarity on the roads. It has been a major cause of fatal auto accidents around the world.

  1. Tailgating

A minimum of two or three car lengths of a distance should be kept between your vehicle and the next to avoid such auto accidents.

  1. Driving when tired

Failure of your mind to focus on the road ahead due to you being tired is a leading reason for auto accidents.

  1. Driving under the influence of drugs

Drugs whether legal or illegal are absolutely forbidden for those driving as they make the driver unaware of the state he or she is in.

  1. Driving in fog

Poor weather conditions like fog disrupt the driver’s vision, leading to collision accidents.

  1. Driving in snow

Snow again makes the road slippery and hampers the driver’s vision, especially blizzard conditions.

  1. Changing lanes recklessly

Reckless driving, via the means of altering lanes is such a common disaster observed on the roads.

  1. Teenage driving

Underage driving or inexperienced driving is a common cause for auto accidents.

  1. Night driving

Compared to the day time, night driving has proved to be more risky due to the absence of natural light and good vision.

  1. Animal crossings

Drivers must be cautious when driving through animal crossings as a little increase in speed may lead fatal auto accident.

  1. Driving in construction sites

Construction sites are poorly developed with barriers placed everywhere so driving carefully here is a must.

  1. Taking inappropriate turns

Auto accident can be prevented by avoiding inappropriate turns as they are a leading cause for multiple accidents or collisions on the road.

  1. Driving in a wrong direction

Wrong direction driving has led many individuals to face unnecessary collisions with other vehicles.

  1. Malfunction of your vehicle

Failure of your vehicle to function appropriately has caused many fatal auto accident to occur, especially failure of brakes and appropriate headlight functioning.

  1. Presence of potholes

Potholes are a nuisance for drivers as they are difficult to avoid and may lead to sudden speed alteration.

  1. Tire blowout conditions

Ensuring your tires have enough air and are sturdy enough to function on the road can prevent leading accidents on the road.

  1. Presence of curves

Curved roads can cause individuals to lose control on the road, proving fatal for other vehicles and passengers nearby.

  1. Not obeying basic traffic rules and regulations

Traffic rules have been designed to avoid auto accident so failure to avoid them can prove to have disastrous consequences.

  1. Racing on the streets

Car racing not only puts the lives of the driver in danger, but those passing by too.

  1. Presence of ice on the road

Ice or hail is termed as disastrous for drivers as they can destruct vision, make the roads slippery and allow the driver to lose sudden control when stepping up on that pedal.

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