How Long Does a DUI Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates?

DUI Affects

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You may have come across the term DUI but looked past it as something that’s not an essential component of your auto insurance policy plan. But the reality is your DUI can actually be termed as an added expense that comprises of fines, an increase in auto insurance rates as well as a potential ban on your driving.

So what is a DUI and how long does it affect your auto insurance rates is what we’ll be discussing below. Let’s take a look.

DUI or Driving Under the Influence

Having been given a DUI means you’ve been found by the law to have been driving your vehicle over the prescribed limit of drinking alcohol. Without a doubt, this is a serious legal offence, leading to a number of other financial as well as legal consequences.

At the same time, when the ban is over and you go to obtain your auto insurance coverage, you’re most likely to face difficulties towards getting coverage. So in case you’re wondering how long it really takes before things get back to normal, read the paragraph below.

Can I still get auto insurance after a DUI?

Well, in case you’ve been inflicted with a DUI, getting a desirable auto insurance policy plan is still on the cards. When however is a question worth pondering upon?

Most driving companies do not resort to specifically state their policies regarding to DUI. They can however market the fact that they welcome individuals that have faced legal consequences in the past.

At the same time, the bad news has to do with the fact that your auto insurance policy plan is bound to cost a lot more than it normally would. We’re talking figures along the lines of around 5 times greater.

And it doesn’t stop there. DUI requires individuals to pass through a series of legal hoops to get thorough clearance, including the standard SR-22 form. This form states that the driver involved has bought the necessary required liability insurance that is particular for their particular state.

How long do the DUI rates leave an effect on your auto insurance?

Now comes the big question of how long does this period last? The answer is that most DUI’s are bound to leave an effect on your driving record for about 3 to 7 years. With that being said, this infraction has the potential to stay on that individual’s criminal record permanently. But when it comes to your auto insurance rates, after a period of 3 to 7 years at most, it should not affect your auto insurance coverage rates. And the reason being these drivers are termed riskier to cover than those not involved in the offence.

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