You Should Know These Car Registration Laws in Texas

Understand These Car Registration Laws in Texas -

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This is very imperative for you to know car registration laws.

If you want to register your vehicle in Texas. Suppose you’re new to Texas and doesn’t know any ins and outs here so automobile registration will not be a less deal for you.

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What Does Car Registration in Texas Requires?

After feeling a bit relief of your residence shifting, it’s time for your car thus go and visit your local Texas tax office. Before going don’t forget to carry these along with you:

  • Proof of auto insurance
  • Proof of safety inspection your car passed
  • Proof of previous car registration
  • Complete Application for Texas Certificate of Title (Form 130-U).
  • Registration fees for your car or additional payment for titling or sales fees tax.

NOTE: Fees vary by state and vehicle type

What is TX Safety and Emission Check?

It’s an inspection of your vehicle conducted annually at the official motor vehicle inspection station.

Two Steps, One Sticker

It’s an enactment of changed TX law according to which the car inspection due date is directly linked to the car registration renewal date. Upon successful car registration renewal, you will be issued one sticker to display on your car windshield. This will act as both proofs of car registration and inspection.

Texas Laws of Renewing Car Registration

You can do this in two ways either in person or by mail:

Renew Your Registration in Person
  • Visit your local office
  • First, present your TX vehicle renewal notice and if you’re not having this then present one of the following:
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Last year registration’s receipt
  • Liability insurance proof
Renew Your Registration in E-Mail
  • To carry out this renewal method, do these steps:
  • Make sure your DMV renewal notice have all correct and complete information (address, name, and vehicle).
  • If required then take along proof of emission and safety inspections. Without these, renewals is not possible
  • Photocopy of your car insurance proof
  • Pay renewal fees with check or online.
  • Make sure to mail all the paperwork

What Is The Car Registration Renewal Fees?

The whole of the car registration includes three types of fees:

Base Registration Fees
  • $51.75 – For cars and lighter pickup trucks
  • $30 – For mopeds and motorcycles
DMV Registration Fees
  • $1- For Department of Public Safety Fee
  • $31.50 for Local Fee.
  • State DMV portion of the inspection fee.
  • Additional fees depending on the county
  • $10- For County roads and bridges.
  • $20-For county long-term transportation projects.
  • $1.50 – For promoting child safety programs.
Vehicle Inspection Fees

The amount of payment will be based on the type of your vehicle inspection required in your county and the type of car you own.

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