Can I Get Auto Insurance with a Suspended License?

Can I Get Auto Insurance with a Suspended License -

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Violating traffic rules has lessons to teach us.

What if I lose my car insurance with the suspension of my driving license? It can be due to numerous reasons which vary accordingly to the situation. For this, I may have to visit the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website or in place to proceed my suspended license reinstating formalities.

Will My Auto Insurance Suspended Too?

The answer is ‘Not today’ but could be soon. This means I can take out my car insurance on my suspended license but the process is not that stress-free. Also, the state’s law does vary according to every country.

How Do I Know If I’m still covered?

The only way I can find out is confirming it from DMV.

Some insurance companies don’t cancel auto insurance with a suspended license but it all depends on the reason of license suspension.

It is smart to inform my insurer about my license suspension within 60 days. Delaying it will not let me cover myself or any other family member by my policy.

For a bigger reason, I may be allowed to drive with a temporary license that can be operated under following situations:

  • Drive to and coming back from work
  • Drive to and coming back from school/college
  • Drive to medical appointments or drive anyone to receive medical treatment that cannot drive.


This is known as a hardship license which requires continuing driving for important causes.

If I want to know about my current auto insurance I’ll have to check with my insurance provider first. I may get declared as a ‘high-risk driver’ after my suspension of license.

Under What Reasons My License Can Get Suspended?

It can be for driving under the influence (DUI) conviction or I refuse to take a test of any intoxication.

  • My previous unpaid traffic tickets
  • I’m charged for careless driving.
  • I violated auto insurance coverage rules.

What If I’m In the Middle of My Auto Insurance Policy?

It matters when I’m in my mid-term of policy and it is not showing any clause for driver suspension. Every driver will likely to remain to get covered until the end of the auto policy.

If I’m an old customer, my insurer may decide not to continue on my policy. New customer driving records takes almost 30-90 days to check to cancel the policy.

How Can This Affect My Current Premiums?

For instance, if I do not lose my policy, I might be ending up paying more on my premiums.  I can only reduce my premiums to less by doing any course and proficiency tests on my driving license.

In spite of all this, I may also fall into the right demographics or non-claims discount to lower my premium rates to not completely losing my auto insurance with a suspended license.

It’s just a matter of more shopping around for better premiums. Many companies might allow me to pay much less in order to protect my no-claims for a specific period. No-claims discount remains valid for over a year almost.

How can I Get Insured without License

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